About Us

We are a true family business operating in East Anglia, based in Felixstowe with quick access to supplying labour.

We still very much get our hands dirty and still jump in and help out when needed. Our approach is born of working as warehouse operatives, fork truck drivers and handballers ourselves and when the opportunity came to start Felixstowe Recruitment, we took the very timely chance of starting this very successful service now offering much more.

We are two brothers, with great respect and integrity as the go to suppler of labour here in East Anglia. We are very keen to impress and give a consistent service for warehouse, factory, yard, office and dock labour resources.

We value our reputation and so our staff are vetted and tested under supervision at our sister company site C & S Warehousing before being sent to customers premises to represent your business.

For your peace of mind, Felixstowe Recruitment are fully covered with FIVE Insurance. The following liability insurance arrangements have been made:

    Up to £250,000
    Up to £2,000,000
    Up to £10,000,000