• Container Handballer (FXT)

    Container fork truck driving

    We still need experienced container handball staff to work on a long standing contract we have at Felixstowe who are asking us for more workers. 5 days a week work starting at 7am with a one hour site safety induction getting strait on with unloading containers on a set box rate, with a bonus for attendance and volumes.

    You will need to have unloaded containers, know stack patterns and have an existing pace and experience and understanding of safe working practices in this busy environment. You will need your own Hi-Viz, P.P.E. and safety boots.

    General warehousing and unloading does not qualify you to be able to achieve the pace and standard of service we need. You have to have experience in the specific unloading of containers on to pallets, with the correct loading pattern, to be able to wrap pallets to a high standard and apply any labels in correct positions. You will be working alone in the shipping container.

    We pay an attractive 20ft and 40ft box rate from your completed time sheet with bonus for achieving volumes, so previous handball experience is essential. This is on a self employed basis with the option of PAYE after 3 months. We can help you set up your self employed status and support you with bookkeeping and accountancy connections if you are not self employed at this time.

    “I’d like to have a go” – is a no no! You will be disappointed and our customer will not accept a low standard. Experienced container handballers with consistent access to Felixstowe 5 days a week only.


    Is this you? Please call us or fill in the Application form on our website to let us know a little more about you so we can send you the rates.


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